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“Singing is an extension of speech and no matter what type of voice you have, with proper breath and vocal technique, you can improve your singing! My goal as your singing teacher is to help you find your real voice and style, and not only learn the techniques of contemporary voice and to give YOU the ultimate confidence in the way you sing and perform. I am motivated by a passion for your success. My job is to translate your dreams into realities, and give you an amazing voice. And we can do that; we have been doing it for a long time.”

Andy Caine

Vocal Coach, London Singing Academy

Singing Lessons London

Singing Lessons in London with local singing teacher Andy Caine! London’s top vocal coach and singing instructor. London Singing Academy offer singing lessons for any age, studio recording, music production and consulting.

Your Results Will Be Amazing Learn how to sing with the Singing Lessons London’s complete guide to correct : Posture, Support, Breathing, Resonance, Vibrato, How to Sing High Notes, Larynx Positions, Range, Power, Vocal Fold Closure, Register Blending. Pop, rock, classical & opera, microphone & recording work, jazz, folk, punk, music singer theatre, country, metal, Contemporary Vocal,Voice Lessons. Come and practice your Songwriting with our fantastic & highly talented writing classes. Sing Today


Andy Caine

Singing Lessons London’s singing guru is session singing legend and all round good guy Andy Caine. Andy has sang & performed on lots HIT singles & Albums. Performed and Sang  with music greats such as Madonna, Robbie Williams, Take That, Brian Eno (U2, Coldplay) & Simply Red as well many other great artists. He has works regularly  on Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent. London Singing Academy’s fantastic singing lessons guarantee your best possible progress! Our Academy provides the best tuition money can buy as we combine the best vocal tutors, comprehensive course material and our amazing online area. Check out Andy’s vocal arrangements on Dido’s mega hit THANKYOU that Eminem famously sampled and started his road to intentional stardom.



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London Singing Academy offers fantastic singing lessons for beginners, amateur & professional singers in London. Lessons are tailored to each individual skill level to maximize every students’ strengths. Call now us to discover your voice’s true potential!

Andy is without question the best voice teacher I’ve ever had. Not only is he knowledgeable and innovative when it comes to voice techniques and the physicality of singing, but he’s sensitive, inspires trust, and boosts ones confidence. He’s positive and clearly loves to teach as much as he loves to sing. I would recommend him to any level of student. Fully Recommended!

Jenny Silverman

Queen’s Park

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My goal as your vocal instructor is to help you find your real voice and style, and not only learn the techniques of contemporary voice, but to also take away invaluable vocal excercices and ultimately confidence in the way you sing and perform.


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Confirm your singing lesson today! We will make YOU a strong confident singer with London Singing Academy’s Daily vocal work out for all singers. Students learn in a relaxed and nurturing environment as Andy guides them toward a healthy vocal technique, confidence, and strong musical skills. Prospective students need not have prior training – Andy is experienced in teaching students of all levels and abilities. His individualized approach ensures that each student develops a strong foundation in vocal technique and, with a consistent home practice routine, shows rapid progress from week to week.

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Singing Lessons London program that is truly revolutionary, and while being taught with easy to learn lessons, demonstrations, and explanations it’s designed to give the singer the ultimate understanding, control and use of their voice. The voice is nature’s instrument. It is vital to take the proper steps to maintain a free flowing sound. It is our mission to help you maximise your musical potential and produce strong and fearless singers who can perform their ultimate level.

Andy is a fantastic singing teacher here in London! His relaxed and exciting singing lessons really helped me learn to sing quickly, now I am singing with confidence! Great teacher!

Suzanne Jones

London City

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Singing Lessons London offers world-class voice coaching and vocal lessons in London. Designed by celebrity vocal trainer Andy Caine, Singing Lessons London quickly and effectively helps students achieve unique and radio-ready Pop/R&B sounds.

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